Zoon Uber-Activ Gel Cooling Dog Mat

The perfect mat to keep dogs and other pets cool on a hot day or when feeling unwell. Simply chill the mat in the fridge and bring out when required.


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The Zoon Uber-Activ Gel Cooling Dog Mat is a gel mat used for cooling hot or unwell pets.

Perfect for use on a hot or sunny day, the cooling gel inside this mat helps to absorb heat from animals to lower their body temperature. This mat can either be placed directly onto the dogs’ bed, on top of a mat, or directly onto the floor.


  • Puncture resistant mat
  • Leave mat in fridge to cool
  • Freezing not necessary
  • No electricity, wires or mess
  • Quirky blue & white star design
  • Best for use indoors
  • Available as 50 x 40cm & 50 x 90cm mats
  • Do not machine wash
  • Wipe clean only
  • Not suitable for use on a cold day
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