Miracle-Gro All Purpose Liquid Plant Food (1 litre)

This top-quality concentrated plant food contains carefully balanced nutrients to grow plants twice as big.


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Miracle-Gro All Purpose Liquid Plant Food contains everything you need for high-performance plant growth.

This new formula containing Humifirst which is rich in organic matter, that attaches itself to particles of soil to improve the soil structure, stimulating growth, yield, root formation and improving plants resistance to environmental stresses.

Great plant food for flowers, ornamental plants, fruits and vegetables in your home or garden.

You’ll notice plants look visibly healthier in just 7 days of using this plant food and it can encourage twice as much growth compared to not feeding your plants.

How to use

  • Simply add half a cap of All Purpose Liquid Plant Food to one litre of water from either a tap or water butt.

Where to use

Water around the base of plants. For small or sensitive plants, simply half the dose.

When to use

We recommend using this plant food during growth seasons, so typically early spring (March) to late summer (September) for best results. And use every seven to fourteen days.


  • Bottle size: 1 litre
  • Easy pour & measuring cap
  • Concentrated formula, dilute with water
  • For flowers, ornamental plants, fruits & vegetables
  • Visibly healthier plants in 7 days
  • Includes natural growth stimulant
  • Use March – September or during growth period
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor plants

Fertiliser analysis

  • NPK 7-3-5 (7-1.13-4.2) + micro nutrients

Additional info

  • Wear gardening gloves
  • Always reseal bottle after use & store in a secure place
  • Wash hands after use
  • Child and pet friendly
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