Why buy a Modular Garden Lounge Set?

If you enjoy versatility, then a modular garden lounge set could be for you. Lounge sets introduce a new look to the garden and can sometimes enhance existing garden furniture. If you already have a garden dining set from one of the leading garden furniture brands like 4 Seasons Outdoor, Bramblecrest, Hartman or Kettler, then a modular garden furniture set can help to complete or compliment your outdoor living look and give you a place to relax.

What is a modular garden lounge set?

Modular garden furniture is made up of individual pieces of furniture which fit neatly and easily together to make a comfortable garden furniture set. Modular garden lounge sets include a flexible combination of either sofas, seating sections, side tables and many come with a matching coffee or dining table to complete the set.

How flexible is a modular garden lounge set?

Modular seating can be configured any way to suit your outdoor space. For example a modular corner garden lounge set made up of two sofa sections can either be fitted together to create a classic L shape, or it can be separated to create more space between two outdoor sofas. Sometimes it is nice to have the option of positioning two outdoor sofas opposite each other and it’s a useful way to create additional seating for guests.

One of the main benefits of outdoor modular furniture is that it is easy to manoeuvre, which is useful when it comes to looking after your garden furniture. If your garden lounge set is positioned in a corner of the garden, then you only need to move one section if you need access behind it. It also makes cleaning the decking or patio easier, because you can move one section at a time to clear away any leaves or garden debris.

Another advantage to choosing modular garden furniture is the flexibility to add to it. Some garden furniture brands design and make sections specifically to enable you to extend your modular garden set, which in turn provides additional seating.

Are modular garden lounge sets comfortable?

Yes, we think they are the ultimate in garden seating. Because modular sets tend to be more casual, they provide a more relaxed approach to outdoor living and are therefore extremely comfortable with thick padded seat and back cushions. Also, seating and tables tend to be slightly lower than standard garden furniture, such as dining sets. Some are adjustable and come with tables that can be lowered for coffee or adjusted to full dining table height, so everything is within easy reach and you won’t have to stretch for drinks and nibbles.

Can I leave a modular set outside?

Yes, quality modular sets are built to last and withstand British weather. They are made from strong and durable materials which means you can leave them outside all year round. Most are made with robust coated metal frames and are wrapped with hand-woven rattan, fabric or rope. Most come with matching or complimentary seat and back cushions. Scatter cushions tend not to be included, but these can be purchased separately to suit your own style and taste.

Some more contemporary modular sets are fully covered in weather-resistant drip-dry fabric. These are also a popular choice and can bring a contemporary look to your garden. We recommend using a cover where possible to keep your set looking like new. Using a cover when your furniture is not in use will also help to keep it clean, dry and ready for use.

4 Seasons Outdoor – Kingston Corner Lounge Set

Create a focal point for your garden

A lounge set provides a focal point for the garden. It provides you with a place to relax and enjoy quality time together outside. Whether you prefer full sun on the patio or a shady spot under a pergola, many modular sets are tailored to fit many different outdoor spaces and come in all shapes and sizes, from round and rectangular, to square, L or U shapes. We always recommend checking the footprints of a modular set. This will ensure the set fits the space you have in mind. Footprints provide the floor space measurements needed to fit the modular set and help you to make the right choice for your garden.

There’s a wide range of Modular Garden Lounge Sets For Sale. With a wide range of styles in stock all year round at Gates Garden Centre. Some are also available to pre-order. If you have any questions, please call our Furniture Department on 01664 454309 or visit us in-store and a member of our Furniture Department will be more than happy to help.

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