What to think about when buying a Garden Furniture Set

A quality Garden Furniture Set offers the ultimate in outdoor living and provides enough comfortable seating in the garden for everyone, as well as giving your garden a focal point and a place to relax. If you are thinking of a new garden set, we’re here to help. To help you make the right choice, we’ve put together a list of what to think about when buying a garden furniture set. Here’s our top 10 things to consider.

10 Things to consider when buying a Garden Furniture Set

1. How do you enjoy your garden?

Sunbathing on a lounger or swinging gently on a cocoon in a shady spot. There are so many ways to enjoy outdoor space. Some prefer to be seated comfortably around a garden dining table, whilst others enjoy relaxing on an outdoor sofa. If you enjoy both, then take a look at a casual garden lounge set. These offer total flexibility with adjustable tables which can be set high or low, depending on the occasion. The Bramblecrest Portofino Modular Sofa Set with Square Adjustable Table is a good example of this, where you can set it high for dining or low for coffee. The choice is yours.

2. How many people do you need to seat?

Kettler Palma Duo Relaxer in White Wash

Think about how many people you are likely to seat outside. A comfortable garden chair is ideal for one, but bistro sets, benches, swing seats, cocoons and some garden lounge sets like the Kettler Palma Duo Relaxer are great for two. If you have a large family or enjoy having people over, then a garden lounge or dining set might be a good place to start. Garden Lounge Sets come with an outdoor corner sofa and table. They generally provide seating for at least four to six people, but some can seat up to eight or more. When browsing online, try filtering the number of seats required to narrow down your search from 1 Seater to 8+ Seater garden furniture.

3. Where will you put your garden furniture set?

Once you know how many people you need to seat, next think about where you want to put your garden furniture set. A shady corner under a pergola or a sunny spot on a patio is ideal. Using a surfaced area is probably best, whether it is a decked or a paved area. This will prevent your garden set sinking into the lawn and provides a flat surface to ensure everything stays stable. Many quality garden sets come with adjustable feet, so you won’t have to put up with a wobbly coffee table even if you have an uneven surface.

3. What’s your style?

Introducing a garden furniture set to the garden will create an exciting new focal point. The beauty of garden furniture is that it doesn’t have to match anything in the home. The garden provides you with a new opportunity to express your taste in decor and there’s a wide range of materials to choose from. There’s wooden, woven rattan, cast aluminium, rope and more.

Typically, traditional homes and gardens suit classic and traditionally styled garden furniture, but they can also look spectacular with a contempory garden set, creating a timeless look. Whilst an ultra-modern home will definitely suit a more modern garden set.

Rope detail Hartman Signature Dubai Square Corner Dining Set
Hartman Capri 6 Seat Oval Set in Antique Grey with Platinum Cushions, Parasol and Base
4 Seasons Outdoor Lisboa 6 Seat Round Dining Set in Polyloom Anthracite with Louvre Table

4. Will you need to store a garden furniture set?

Not necessarily, although, we always recommend using a protective furniture cover for garden furniture to keep it clean, dry and ready to use. It is reassuring to know that a quality garden set from a trusted manufacturer like 4 Seasons Outdoor, Bramblecrest, Hartman or Kettler is made to withstand British weather all year round. Many sets from these brands can be left outside and uncovered all year round. They are made from durable, rust and UV-resistant materials. However, some designs recommend storing seat and back cushions to keep them looking like new. And some metal bistro sets fold away neatly for storage, so if you have a small space, then this style of furniture might be a great option.

5. Will your preferred garden set fit your outdoor space?

Most sets come with a footprint which provides dimensional information. Footprints provide approximate measurements for you to be able to check if there is defintley enough room for your chosen set in the garden. Remember to think about access, leg room and whether you need a bit more space to pull out chairs and benches.

6. Which shape will suit your garden?

Eating al fresco and entertaining can be fun outside and a great furniture set will only enhance this experience. For example, a circular patio will suit a round garden set, whilst a corner garden set will fit nicely into a back corner of your garden or sit neatly on a patio of terrace. Some corner sets have longer right or left hand sofa sections, so always check beforehand to make sure you have the right one.

7. Which colour scheme do you prefer?

Garden furniture sets come in a number of different colours, from black cast aluminium to sand coloured rattan. Some garden furniture manufacturers make popular styles in a choice of colours with complimentary cushions. For example, Bramblecrest Moneterey garden sets come with a choice of either Dove Grey or Sandstone cushions. Lighter colours like Sandstone suit more traditional garden designs, whilst darker colours like Dove Grey can bring a more contemporary feel to the garden.

8. Can you add seating to the garden furniture set?

Yes, many garden furniture sets include a number of different seating solutions in the same style. Modular garden lounge sets are a good example. For example, the 4 Seasons Outdoor Kingston set comes in a number of different modular sections which can be purchased to increase the number of seating for this set. Alternatively, you can mix and match sets to increase seating options. Try browsing ranges or collections of garden furniture to see what is available. For example, if you like the Bramblecrest Chedworth range, why not try the combination of a fire pit set with a matching bistro set or the 8 seater dining set with a recliner set to create additional seating.

9. How easy are garden furniture sets to maintain?

With many sets being weather-resistant, they will only require some simple home maintenance. Use an overnight cover to protect your set. You can also wipe it clean with a soft cloth with luke warm soapy water. This will help to wipe away the odd bird droping or garden grime. Generally, garden sets are reasonably low maintenance. Plus, there’s lots of storage solutions available to safely store cushions to keep them dry, clean and ready to use. Some garden lounge sets come with storage built in and some sets have matching cushion storage boxes to help you complete the look.

10. What’s your budget?

It’s always useful to think about your budget and remember to include all of the finishing touches to complete the look for your garden – from scatter cushions and a patio heater, to a parasol or cushion storage box. With more staycations, investing in a good garden furniture set can make all the difference to time spent in the garden.

We hope you find the right garden furniture set for your outdoor space. Browse our range of Garden Furniture Sets For Sale by leading brands such as Bramblecrest, 4 Seasons Outdoor, Hartman, Kettler and Alexander Rose. Our in-store garden furniture team are fully trained and are well placed to help you with any questions – from styles to colour schemes. Enjoy your garden with Gates.

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