What is a Corner Garden Furniture Set?

By definition a corner is a place where two sides meet and in the garden this is usually where fences, walls, hedgerow, paths or borders meet. A corner garden furniture set is designed to fit into a square or rectangular area with such angles.

Corner sets are normally a combination of outdoor sofa sections which fit together to neatly fit into a corner ofthe garden, whether it be a patio, terrace or decking. Sets typically make an L shape and include a casual table which can be used for coffee or dining and some larger corner sets include benches, stools or fire pit tables.

They are designed to be extremely comfortable, sociable and practical. Because of their design they can seat many people in a relatively small space. The square or rectangular layout makes them extremely sociable.

As you might expect these furniture sets have been carefully designed to maximise comfort and make the most of outdoor space. They also make a great focal point and provide you with enough room to get everyone together outside.

Often referred to as garden lounge sets, Corner sets provide the ultimate in relaxed lounging and casual dining. They provide room to bring together loved ones, friends and family. And with so many combinations to choose from, it’s important to consider what works best for your outdoor space.

Generally, each corner set comes with an L-shape sofa, which can be equal on both sides, but some can be longer on one side, so always check dimensions. This will ensure when you locate the set that it is facing the way you want it to. And some come with stools, benches or armchairs. Think about the way you live and whether the seating will provide guests with enough room, comfort and support.

Some sets are super large and luxurious, whilst others are mini-versions designed for smaller patios and terraces. Our mini-corner sets are ideal for providing room for everyone, but on a smaller scale.

If you are looking for something different, then consider a corner set with a fire pit table. Not only will this keep you warm, but it will make a welcome feature to any outdoor space. You’ll even be able to toast marshmallows and have some fun with it.

Our outdoor corner furniture can be left outside all year round and has been designed to last for years. Although, we always recommend the use of a cover to protect the set. This will keep it looking like new and ready for use.

We work with leading outdoor furniture brands, such as Bramblecrest & 4 Seasons Outdoors, to bring you only the best in quality, design and durability. We have a wide selection of woven, metal and wooden garden furniture. Although designed for use as outdoor furniture, many of these corner sets wouldn’t look out of place in a conservatory.

We continue to add to our garden furniture collections throughout the year, so if you can’t find what you are looking for, please get in touch and our Furniture department will be more than happy to help.

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