Top 5 (almost) unkillable house plants for beginners

House plants have been on trend for a while and this shows no sign of stopping. They are an easy and affordable way to spruce up any living space around your home. They can be hung in baskets, placed on plant stands or even on your favourite shelf or window ledge.

House plants can seem a bit daunting if you are not very green fingered or have had a bad experience before. It can be a satisfying process watching a plant grow and flourish. With our list of almost unkillable house plants you cannot go wrong; they are robust plants that do not care if you forget to water them from time to time and they will grow in almost any light conditions.  Perfect for keeping your home interior looking green all year long!

Devil’s Ivy, Golden Pothos (Epipremnum aureum)

Devils Ivy House Plant

This house plant is one of the best as it does not mind being underwatered or missing a few waterings. Devil’s Ivy can survive in rooms with very little natural light and is a quick grower. The only thing it doesn’t like is over watering and its roots sitting in water.

Devil’s Ivy produces trailing or climbing stems making it ideal for hanging planters or placing on a shelf. It has luscious dark green heart-shaped glossy leaves with splashes of gold.

Ideal for your living room, home office or bedroom as it will remove toxins from the air and from furnishings.

Snake Plant, Mother-in-Laws Tongue (Sansevieria trifasciata)

The Snake plant (otherwise known as Mother-in-Laws Tongue) has strong vertical green leaves that are distinctly patterned in marbled shades of green, some varieties have a golden outline to their leaves. It is a slow growing plant that anybody can grow.

This forgiving house plant will withstand even the most irresponsible owners as it can survive with very little water, if any. It would be best positioned in your living room, hallway, or bedroom as it doesn’t like direct sunlight, so avoid any south facing windows. It does not mind the shade and can be neglected for months without causing any harm, making it easy to care for.

The Snake Plant is perfect for beginners and adds texture and interest to any room interior.

ZZ Plant (Zamioculas zamiifolia)

If you’re very absent minded, the ZZ Plant is the perfect house plant for you. Not only does it look great with its strong emerald green polished looking leaves it will grow almost anywhere, in brightly lit or lower light conditions as long as it can have a little light in the morning or afternoon. The ZZ Plant can survive long periods of neglect and is immune to many pests which can affect other house plants.

It’s easy to care for as it does not need watering too much; allow the top inch of compost to dry out completely between waterings – it only requires watering once a month during the winter months. The green waxy, smooth leaves reflect sunlight and brighten rooms making it ideal for home offices and hallways.  The ZZ Plant usually grows slowly to a height and width of two to three feet so it is not a plant monster that outgrows containers quickly.

Unfortunately, this plant is not recommended for people with inquisitive pets or very young children, since it can cause stomach upset if eaten.

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum wallisii)

For those who have a little experience with house plants the Peace Lily is an easy to care for plant which will bounce back from missed waterings. It is an elegant house plant with its large green glossy leaves and white tear-shaped flowers, which change over time from white to green.

Ideal for rooms within the house that have moderate humidity, such as your bathroom or your kitchen. If your bathroom does not get much bright light, you can mist the Peace Lily regularly to encourage growth.

Best way to water a Peace Lily is to place the plant under the shower once a week, under lukewarm water for a couple of minutes. This will also wash off any dust which has built up on the leaves helping it to process sunlight better and encourage growth.

Spineless Yucca (Yucca elephantipes)

Spineless Yucca Houseplant

The Yucca was probably one of the classic house plant of the 80’s.  As with other notable things from that era, it is making a resounding, retro-cool comeback due to its angular, good looks and laid-back care requirements.

The Spineless Yucca will make a bold statement in any sunny room with its spiky, sword-like arching foliage. Over time the spineless foliage will eventually turn yellow in colour and fall off. Replaced by fresh top growth increasing the height of the plant.

The exposed trunk is certainly a feature by itself and would look perfect in a modern home in a nice sunny spot in your conservatory, sunroom or living room.

Take care not to over water, allow the top inch of compost to dry out between waterings. This easy to care for Spineless Yucca would benefit from a half strength balanced liquid fertilizer to encourage growth, especially in springtime.

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