The Chatty Café Scheme at Gates

At Gates, we are proud to register as a Chatty Café venue, to join other cafes across the UK to help support The Chatty Café Scheme. As our regular customers know we love a friendly chat in our coffee shop, so it made sense for us to set up a Chatter & Natter table.

What is the Chatty Café Scheme?

The Chatty Café Scheme was created to encourage conversations and reduce loneliness and social isolation along the way. The scheme has encouraged venues to create Chatter & Natter tables for people of all ages and walks of life. Loneliness can be a horrible thing for all generations and a little chat can go a long way to brighten up somebody’s day.

Who is it for?

The Chatter & Natter table is all about interaction and throwing people together, it creates a space for people to talk, whether it is for five minutes while you drink a coffee, or an hour of good conversation. Just simple interactions to combat loneliness and to just maybe have a big impact on somebody’s day. All customers are welcome to sit on these designated tables if they are happy to sit and talk to other customers and if they don’t there is no pressure to.

When and where?

The Chatter & Natter tables will be set up in The Courtyard Coffee Shop every Wednesday between 10:30am to 11:30am.

So, if you are a familiar face or new to us, and can spare a few minutes of your time on a Wednesday, pop along for a friendly chat. Look out for the designated tables with the yellow Chatty Café sign.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.

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