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Swing Seats & Cocoon Chairs are types of freestanding seating that are designed to give you the sensation of being safely suspended from the ground. Most come with a swinging action, so you can gently swing from side to side. Great for relaxing and getting some ‘me’ time.

The great thing about Swing Seats & Hanging Cocoons is that very little outdoor space is required. So if you have a compact back yard or a small quiet area in the garden that you want to relax in, then one of these innovative seats could be for you.

Swing Seats and Cocoons come in a choice of sizes to seat from one to three people at a time.

Our cocoons wouldn’t look out of place in a large kitchen or conservatory (always check dimensions & ‘swing space’, to make sure it will fit), although, they are designed for outdoor use.

If you enjoy a bit of shade and protection whilst sitting outside, then our Swing Seats are a great choice. They come with helpful canopies which provide shade and defend against random bird droppings, to keep seats clean and ready for use.

If your style is contemporary and you enjoy comfort, then think about a Hanging Cocoon Chair. Many Cocoons are designed to hold one person, but we do a small selection to fit two people comfortably. Try our romantic Bramblecrest Double Hanging Cocoon range, which is perfect for two.

These seats can all be left outside all year round, but we recommend storing cushions to keep them looking great and ready for use. A number of these Swing Seats and Cocoons come with the option to buy a cover. This is something we would highly recommend. The cover will protect your seat from nuisance droppings and garden debris like leaves, twigs, moss and tree sap.

They are great for sitting and relaxing in the garden or on the patio. With a range of styles on offer, you’re sure to find something in our selection.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact a member of Outdoor Living department who will be happy to help.