Whatever the weather, we’ve got it covered. Keeping garden furniture looking like new can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right cover, you can look after most garden furniture. You’d be surprised at what you can cover, from barbecues and seating, to parasols.

We think it’s important to look after garden furniture right from the start and it’s something we always suggest if you are buying garden furniture from our store.

A cover can protect furniture from garden debris such as moss, leaves, twigs and tree sap. It can also keep nuisance bird droppings away, helping to keep furniture clean and ready for use. In winter months, a cover will provide peace of mind, knowing your furniture is under cover.

We keep a range of shapes and sizes to fit different types of furniture, from corner sofas to coffee tables. Plus there’s a range of colours to suit most outdoor spaces. For example, covers are available in black, green, grey, khaki, sand and some are reversible to give you a different colour option.

Many covers by our leading garden furniture brands (Bramblecrest, 4 Seasons Outdoor and Kettler ) are specifically designed for certain pieces of furniture. Having said that, if you have checked your dimensions and they match, then there’s nothing to stop you using one of these covers to fit your own garden set, even if it’s not made by that brand. Although, it’s always good to have the right cover for the right furniture. We also stock a great range of hard wearing covers by Bosmere, who design covers for generic use.

The great thing about a cover from one of our leading furniture brands is that you know it will be a perfect fit for your garden furniture. They even do covers to fit L shaped sofas, so you don’t need to worry. Plus, they come with easy pull tabs to help you secure the cover in position. So, it won’t blow away.

Most of our covers also come in helpful carry bags, so you can fold the cover up neatly after use and pop it back in the carry bag.

We are sure you’ll be able to find the right cover for your furniture, but if you can’t, please feel free to get in touch with us and ask to speak with a team member from our Outdoor Furniture department, who will be able to help you.