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If you’re looking for somewhere to store outdoor essentials, then you’ve come to the right place. We have a great collection of ready made garden cushion and storage boxes, which are ideal for use in the garden, on the patio or pool-side. Or perhaps down the side of a house, in a garage or an outbuilding.

They’re perfect for keeping your favourite outdoor items clean, dry and ready for use.

Storage of seat pads, scatter cushions, blankets and throws are the most popular types of items to be stored in a cushion and storage box. That’s because they’re great at protecting and keeping them safe. This will also help to keep the rest of your garden furniture looking it’s best. Other uses might include anything from storing bulky lightweight toys and furniture covers, to hammocks and yoga mats.

You’d be amazed at how little space these useful storage boxes actually take, but at the same time you’ll be surprised by how much they can hold. Remember to measure up, check dimensions and think about how you will be opening and closing the storage unit. For example, if you are placing it near a window outside, will you be able to open the box if the window is open.

Something else to consider is how easy will you find it to open the box. Many of our boxes come with piston operated hinges, which means they open easily with very little force required. This is a real plus, when it comes to putting things away, making life easier.

Our range of cushion and storage boxes come in a choice of sizes, shapes, materials and colours. Naturally, some are more weather-resistant than others, but all are suitable for outdoor or indoor use. You’ll also be able to protect items against UV rays, rain, frost, snow, moss, tree sap and bird droppings, but to name a few.

We’ve got something for every budget too. If you’re looking for something to pop your scatters into, so that you can store them in a cupboard, garage or shed over the winter, then we’d recommend the Bosmere Protector 5000 Cushion Sto-away.  But if you need something a bit more permanent, waterproof and rugged, to compliment your outdoor garden set,  then take a look at Kettler Medium Aluminium Storage Box with waterproof liner (also available in a large size). This is a metal storage unit which comes with a waterproof zip liner. There is also a lockable fastener for you to attach your own padlock, helping you to keep your things safe.

If you have woven garden furniture, then we have some great complimentary options by some of our favourite brands: Bramblecrest, Hartman and Kettler.

So if you enjoy clutter-free living, a robust cushion and storage box is the ideal solution for freeing up space and having somewhere sensible to keep all of your garden essentials in one easily accessible place.

We hope you find a suitable cushion and storage box. We update our stock regularly and many items are available all year round. Our furniture department is open 7 days a week and will be happy to help with any further information you might need.