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For the ultimate grilling experience, take a look at our impressive Wood & Pellet Barbecues.

If you can’t decide which type of barbecue to go for, but you want the best of both worlds, then let us introduce you to the SmokeFire Series by Weber. Enjoy that authentic smoky flavour associated with charcoal barbecues and at the same time stay in control as you would with a gas or electric BBQ.

With a wood pellet grill you can enjoy natural BBQ flavour created by real wood. SmokeFire Wood Pellet Barbecues run on pressed-wood pellets made from carefully selected wood.  You can choose different types of pellets to deliver different flavours, like hickory, apple or apricot. And the wood flavours are all derived naturally from trees. The pellets burn like wood and are designed to reach the temperatures required for optimum heat and even cooking.

Continuous heat and smoke makes this possibly the best type of barbecue for juicy melt-in-the-mouth ribs.

Some brands of wood pellet BBQs sometimes struggle to operate correctly. Rest assured the pellet feeder engineering has evolved at Weber to enable the right amount of pellets to automatically feed the barbecue, freeing up time to focus on your guests.

These are luxury barbecues which perform well and include everything you could possibly need, from Weber Connect notifications, to the Weber Gourmet BBQ System (GBS) which helps you to sear, smoke, roast and bake. Sometimes it’s nice to splash out to enjoy the finer things in life.  With a wood pellet fired barbecue, you can do it all and with plenty of space to create a three course meal to perfection.

And we keep a wide a selection of Weber SmokeFire All-Natural Hardwood Pellets in stock ready for you to buy all year round.

Pellet grilling really is the best in Barbecue Smokers. We hope you agree and if you need any further assistance we have fully trained Weber Barbecue experts in-store who will be happy to help you. We also keep a number of barbecues on display all year round, so come and see for yourself and get grilling.

Alternatively try a crispy baked pizza in one of our wood fired Pizza Ovens.