General Giftware

Our general gift section has a lovely combination of  luxury items, treats and entertainment. Find some collectibles, pick up something new to read or treat your children to something fun today.

Come and see what we have to offer.


Traditional Giftware

Who doesn’t love something a little more traditional. Our range is high quality and there’s an item to suit every budget. Browse through our classics, from chocolates to ornaments, we have something for everyone. Why not come and see for yourself?



From traditional classics to coffee-table reference books, we stock a wide range of book genres. Looking for something specific, or just coming in for a browse? Our staff will be happy to help you.


Charlie Bears

We have a lovely selection of the extremely collectable Charlie Bears. Each bear is handcrafted with love and the company was founded by two bear fanatics. Browse through our collection and add something to your own.



Jigsaws are a relaxing past time that is a great activity for all ages. Take a look at our beautiful and traditional jigsaw range, we cater for beginners and enthusiasts, come and see what we have to offer.



We have a wide range of household items from furniture to kitchen utensils. You can find beautiful accessories for your home or find the perfect gift for people who love theirs. Come and see our collection for yourself in store.



Jewellery adds a little something extra to any outfit. Jewellery is our favourite accessory, browse through our beautiful collection and see what takes your fancy. All beautifully presented in boxes, treat someone special today.

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