Zoon Rubber Squeak Ball Dog Toy


The Zoon Rubber Squeak Ball Dog Toy gives a greater chewing experience to even the most tenacious chewers.


The Zoon Rubber Squeak Ball Dog Toy is ideal for the ball obsessed pooch.

Made from natural rubber in bright colours, making it not only tough but also easy to find in the outdoors. This durable ball dog toy will stand up to extended chewing and it’s in-built squeaker makes an interactive sound that adds heaps of fun to your pooches play session. Perfect for a throw and retrieve toy or just to keep your furry friend amused playing on their own.

The ball also includes nubs and grooves on the surface of the ball helping to keep your pups teeth and gums healthy while they play.

Main features

  • Ideal for the ball obsessed pooch
  • Brightly coloured to make it easy to spot
  • Built-in squeaker for extra fun
  • A fun way to keep your pooch fit
  • Texture aids healthy gums and teeth

Available sizes

  • 6cm
  • 9cm