Zoon Rubber GumBall For Treats

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The ball that keeps your pup challenged, focused and entertained.

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This Zoon Rubber GumBall For Treats will never stop suprising your pooch.

Made from natural rubber in bright Turquoise, making it not ony tough, but easy to find in the great outdoors. This durable ball  is just Perfect toy for letting your pooch use his natural hunting skills, as well as giving them a good chew.

Simply insert your dog’s favourite dry food or treats into the ball and watch as he tackles the challenge of getting them out!

The GumBall shape makes it great for throw and fetch. As it rolls it dispenses treats, as it goes, adding a truly enriched playtime experience, while keeping them challenged, focused and entertained.

Note: Treats not included with this dog toy.

Key features

  • Brightly coloured in Turquoise,making it easy to spot
  • Made from natural rubber, making it tough
  • Great for a game of throw and fetch
  • Keeping your pooch challenged, focused and entertained
  • Dispenses treats as it goes