Zoon Puppy Pads

The simple and hygienic way to toilet train your dog or puppy.


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These ultra-absorbent Puppy pads are essential for house training your dog or puppy. The puppy pads have two absorbent layers which lock-in moisture, prevent odours and are quick drying making them perfect for when little accidents happen.  Each pad is approximately 60cm x 60cm in size.

How to use

  • Place the puppy pad on the floor with the blue side down.
  • Position the pad away from your puppy’s bed and food but close enough that they have easy access to it.
  • If your puppy starts to sniff, circle or squat these may be signs that it needs to go to the toilet. Place your puppy on the pad.
  • When your puppy uses the pad, praise them or reward them with a treat.
  • Remove and accidental puddles as soon as possible so that your puppy cannot use that spot again.
  • Once the pad is used, regularly move it outside the house.
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