Zoon Power Pooch Tennis Ball Dog Toys


Rigorously tested for safety, these Zoon Power Pooch Tennis Ball Dog Toys are strong enough for even the most determined chewer.


Stay in the game with these Zoon Power Pooch Tennis Ball Dog Toys when the play gets tough.

If you need something a little stronger than a normal tennis ball, then look no further. These powerful tennis balls are made from a solid rubber construction with felt covering. They have been rigorously tested for safety and will withstand extended chewing, even by the most determined chewer.

Brightly coloured in red and turquoise, featuring the Zoon logo, these balls are easy for you and your doggo to find in outdoors, so they can carry on with the game they love so much.

As strong as this you is, please remember that no toy is completely indestructible.

Main features

  • A fun way to keep your pooch fit
  • Strong enough for the determined chewer
  • Pack of 3 balls
  • Colour: Blue & Red
  • Suitable for a ball launcher

Additional info

  • Brand: Zoon
  • Available dimensions: 5cm & 6.5cm
  • Pets should be supervised when playing with toys
  • Replace or remove if any damage occurs