Zoon Beef Flavour Nylon TuffBone Dog Chew

Keep your dog occupied for longer with the Beef Flavour Nylon TuffBone bone shaped Dog Chew from Zoon.


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This Zoon Beef Flavour Nylon TuffBone Dog Chew is a long lasting chew for the serious dog chewers only.

This chew is highly flavoursome, uniquely infused with irresistible flavours right through to the core. Its delicious taste turns teeth cleaning into a joy and will certainly satisfy your dogs urge to gnaw, while keeping them out of mischief for hours – until it’s time for walkies that is.

It’s good for him too, as it helps to maintain those pearly whites with every bite. Keeping teeth clean, ensuring gums and teeth become stronger while protecting against infections, tartar build up and tooth loss. It also contains no meat and is an ideal chew for dogs with allergies. This Tuffbone Dog Chew is perfectly safe to ingest. Small fragments will pass through your dog’s system harmlessly.

The added bonus for you is that this chew can be washed in soap and water several times. It’s so tough it will last for ages, your dog will never get bored and the flavour lasts for the lifetime of the bone.

Available in a choice of sizes.

Main features

  • Long lasting chew, keeping your dog quiet for longer
  • Highly flavoursome, so your dog will never get bored
  • Long lasting flavour
  • Helps keep teeth strong and gums healthy
  • Contains no meat and is ideal for dogs with allergies
  • Perfectly safe to ingest as small fragments will pass through your dog’s system harmlessly


  • Made from 100% virgin nylon, synthetic flavouring

Additional info

  • Suitable for dogs with allergies
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