Wolf Garten Bypass Telescopic Tree Lopper RR400T

EAN: 4008423861389 | MPN: RR400T


Reach and cut branches with ease with the Bypass Telescopic Tree Lopper RR400T by Wolf Garten

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The Wolf Garten Bypass Telescopic Tree Lopper is a long fixed tool with a 225° adjustable cutting head and telescopic handle which can extend from 240 – 400cm, enabling you to reach branches up to 5.5 metres high from the safety of solid ground.

This lopper has a bypass blade, cutting diameter of 32mm and comes with two cutting settings:

  • High-speed cutting for the quick cutting of thinner branches
  • High-performance cutting, for thicker branches requiring more force

Ideal for tidying up branches on trees or hedges in your garden. This lopper offers fast and high performance cutting, so you can cut either thick or thin branches with ease.

The adjustable cutting head enables cutting from different angles so you’ll be able to reach most branches.

Non-stick bypass blades make cutting easier and put less strain on your back and arms. With a long fixed length of 2 metres and a bright red head, you’ll be able to both see and reach safely when cutting higher branches.

Suitable for all gardeners, from beginners to professionals and part of the Wolf Garten Lopper range. This high quality tool is built to last, so you can enjoy using it again and again.


  • Telescopic handle reaches 240 – 400cm (up to 5.5m from ground)
  • Cutting diameter: 32mm
  • 225° adjustable cutting head
  • Non-stick coated bypass blades
  • Lightweight & comfortable to use
  • Fast & high performance cutting
  • 35 year manufacturer guarantee
  • Suitable for outdoor use

Additional info

  • This is a fixed hand tool & is not compatible with the multi-change® range
  • Keep sharp tools stored safely away from children and pets
  • Keep cutting head clean to prevent passing on plant pests and diseases