Wildlife World Ladybird Food/ Attractant

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The easy way to encourage Ladybirds into your garden

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The Wildlife World Ladybird Food/ Attractant needs to be kept cool and dry and once it’s opened this will last 4 months. Furthermore, this is the best way to attract Ladybirds to your garden and towers.

They are beneficial garden predators and they eat a wide variety of pests. Additionally, the more Ladybirds you entice into your garden, the less chemicals you will have to use. This is due to the Ladybirds controlling the pests in a natural and environmentally friendly way.

This is designed to encourage them into your tower, bug box or insect hotel so they will over winter there.  It is most effective applied in Autumn, simply mix a little food with a drop of water in a small dish to form a paste and apply to ladybird tower entrance holes or the face of the overwintering tubes.

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