Westland Sulphate of Potash (1.5kg)

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Boost flower scent, size and fruit taste by adding the nutritional benefits of Potash.

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Westland Sulphate of Potash is the perfect gardening companion to flowering and fruiting plants and trees.

When added to the soil, Potash improves flower size, scent and quality of blooms also enhances the taste and size of fruit.

As a result Westland Sulphate of Potash has a high content of Potassium which enables long lasting, disease and weather resistance that ensures plants strengthen and ripen better throughout the year.

Simply add a handful of the granular mix to the soil and base of plants and shrubs. Water in well after application.

Can be applied throughout the growing season from March to the end of August, every 4-6 weeks.


  • Better smelling flowers and better tasting fruits
  • Fast acting
  • Box size 1.5kg
  • Ready to use granules
  • Provides added feed for bigger, healthier fruit and flowers
  • Ideal for all fruit trees, bushes and flowers
  • Suitable for a range of flowering plants and fruiting trees
  • Improves disease and drought resistance
  • Suitable for use indoor and outdoor

Fertiliser Analysis

  • NPK 0-0-48

Additional Info

  • Always follow the directions on pack. Keep out of reach of children and pets
  • We recommend always wearing gloves when handling and using garden care products