Westland Sulphate of Iron (1.5kg)
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Westland Sulphate of Iron (1.5kg)

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Support Ericaceous and acid loving plants by adding the nutritional benefits of iron to the soil.

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Westland Sulphate of Iron is the perfect gardening companion to supporting Ericaceous and acid loving plants such as Rhododendrons, Azaleas and Hydrangeas.

When added to the soil, Iron enhances the absorption of rate of nutrients and minerals in the soil and breaks down soil structure to enable stronger root growth. As a result Westland Sulphate of Iron improves foliage colour and prevents leaf yellowing.

Simply add a handful of the granular mix to the soil and base of plants and shrubs. Water in well after application.


  • Ready to use granules
  • Box size 1.5kg
  • Strong root growth
  • Richer, green foliage
  • Acidifies the root zone
  • Prevents leaf yellowing
  • Suitable for Ericaceous plants and shrubs
  • Suitable for use indoor and outdoor