Westland Seaweed Enhanced (2.5kg)

Unlock the nutritional benefits of using seaweed on your plants and soil.


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Westland Seaweed Enhanced contains naturally sourced, long lasting organic matter great for boosting a wide range of plants and soils.

This 2.5kg moist absorbent granular feed is sustainably sourced from the Irish coast, the seaweed has been enhanced with organic plant food to create a plant growth stimulant that not only conditions soil, but also provides a nutrient rich feed.

Use all around the garden to improve plant health, enrich soil and get the compost heap working better. Seaweed contains many beneficial trace elements, natural hormones and proteins for boosting plant and soil health. This enhanced seaweed is enriched with organic plant food to boost nutrient levels and stimulate better all-round plant growth. The high phosphorus content ensures that plant roots are vigorous and healthy and can take full advantage of all the benefits that seaweed provides.

For best results, apply the product between February and October and follow instructions carefully for each use. Water in well after each application.


  • Increase crop yield and stress resistance
  • Box size: 2.5kg
  • Sustainably sourced from the Irish coast
  • Can be used all around the garden to improve plant health and enrich soil
  • Strengthens plants from the inside out
  • Encourages organic gardening
  • Rich in natural minerals

Additional info

  • Always follow the directions on pack
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets
  • We recommend always wearing gloves when handling and using garden care products
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