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Westland Safelawn 80sq.m Spreader Pack

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Keep your lawn looking great with Westland Safelawn, a 100% Natural Lawn Feed & Conditioner.

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If you love a lush, green lawn in top condition, but don’t want to use chemicals due to concerns about safety for children & pets, Westland Safelawn could be the lawn feed for you. It is made using only natural ingredients with added lawn seed.

When to Use

  • Apply every 3 to 4 weeks during the growing season from February to September – as long as the grass is actively growing.
  • For best results, apply to the lawn after mowing and remove clippings to ensure better seed to soil contact. This will ensure better seed germination.
  • Do not apply during drought or freezing conditions, or if frost is expected soon after applying.

How to Use

  • To ensure that the contents of the pack are well mixed, please shake it well before use.
  • Apply the granules as evenly as possible to the surface of the lawn so that even results are achieved.
  • Granules can be applied by hand, using the spreader pack or with a garden spreader set to 35g/sq.m for larger areas.
  • This rate can be safely doubled for even more spectacular results.
  • If no rain is expected water in well and keep the lawn well watered for at least 2 weeks to help the seed germinate.
  • After 7 days you should start to see your lawn become greener and healthier.


  • Organic 100% Natural Lawn Fertiliser
  • Greens & Thickens lawns
  • Fast acting formula
  • Creates a stronger, healthier lawn that is more resistant to pests & disease
  • It is safe to use around children & pets giving you peace of mind
  • Naturally prevents weeds & moss
  • Added grass seed thickens lawn and fills in patches
  • Friendly bacteria break down dead leaves & moss reducing thatch

As this product is made from organic matter, you may find that there is an odour when you open the pack or during application. This is normal and the odour will gradually disappear. If pets are attracted to it or if you want to reduce the odour more quickly – water in well once applied.