Westland Rose Food Enriched Horse Manure (1.5kg)

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Produce bigger and even more beautiful blooms with this unique rose feed.

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Westland Rose Food Enriched With Horse Manure contains all the essential nutrients and trace elements for looking after roses.

This is a 1.5kg box of rose food to care for the healthy growth of roses.

By adding horse manure to the soil, Westland Rose Food improves soil structure, breaks down compaction and increases drainage through the addition of organic matter.

Friendly bacteria and organisms are allowed to thrive and this in turn encourages stronger rose growth. This unique blend of ingredients allows roses to produce bigger blooms and build up disease resistance against common problems, such as black spot.

Westland Rose Food is suitable for a range of roses, including shrub, climbing and rambling roses and can also be used on new roses too. For each size, adjust the application accordingly.


  • 1.5kg box (50% Extra Free)
  • Enriched with horse manure
  • Builds up disease resistance
  • NPK content: 4 – 3.5 – 7
  • Suitable for all types of roses