Westland Organic Rooting Powder (100g)

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Made from natural ingredients, free from synthetic growth hormones and fungicides.

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Westland Organic Rooting Powder will increase the chances of the cuttings taking root,when you plant them.

This organic rooting powder is made from natural ingredients that are free from synthetic growth hormones and fungicides. Will Stimulate your young home-grown vegetables into growth with rooting powder made from totally natural ingredients free from synthetic growth hormones and fungicides, to help rooting and establishment of cuttings.

For best results, use april to september, first stand soft stem cuttings in water for 1/2 hour (overnight for hard wood cuttings). Dip the tips of your cutting into the powder to kick start the rooting process, and insert into a suitable free-draining compost or rooting medium..

This is a handy addition to your gardening and growing tool kit, particularly suited for organic gardeners and growers of tasty produce.

The powder contains various natural plant hormones that stimulate root growth to allow for higher success of cuttings. These hormones include:

  • Auxins – to encourage root growth.
  • Gibberellins – to encourage flowering, and growth of larger fruits and leaves.
  • Cytokinins – To aid with cell division and differentiation.
  • Abscisic acid – inhibits other hormones during stressful periods.

Main Features:

  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Pack size:100g
  • Helps rooting establishments for cuttings
  • No synthetic growth hormones or fungicides