Westland Resolva 24H Ready-To-Use Weedkiller


Use this effective spray to eliminate weeds quickly – see results in 24 hours.


The Westland Resolva 24H Ready-To-Use Weedkiller will efficiently eradicate weeds from flower beds, borders, patios and driveways at the root.

Weeds can take over if not carefully managed. They compete for space and food with other plants, and will quickly produce seedlings if left untreated. With visible effects after 24 hours, this weedkiller works to break down naturally and degrades microrganisms deep in the soil, using a non drip trigger to ensure there is no wastage.

Ideal for controlling weeds quickly, this weedkiller controls deep-rooted, unwanted vegetation, such as grasses, docks, thistles, nettles, dandelions, bindweed and many more.

For best results, use this product April to November, when no rain is forecast on a wind-free day. This way the weedkiller will not drift onto wanted plants or wash away in the rain.

Available in various sizes, the 1 litre spray bottle with cover an area of up to 37m², and the large 3.6 litre with spray nozzle attachment will cover up to 133.2m².


  • Perfect for eliminating weeds in your garden/outdoor space
  • See visible effects after 24hr
  • Kills weeds at the root
  • Non drip trigger to avoid wastage
  • Available in 1L and 3.6L spray bottles

Additional info

  • Always read instructions before use
  • Keep away from children & pets
  • Contains herbicide Glyphosate
  • Do not spray on lawns or wanted flowers, unless you intend to kill them