Westland Resolva Pro Weedkiller Xtra Tough

Visible results in 24 hours with this tough action Westland Resolva Pro Weedkiller.


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Westland Resolva Pro Weedkiller Xtra Tough systematically destroys home garden weeds and has visible results in 24 hours.

Target and remove deep rooted weeds on patios, driveways, paths, beds and borders quickly and easily. This extra tough weedkiller eliminates all green growth and vegetation.

To use, shake well and spray lightly on leaves and green foliage. Spray on a calm and dry day to prevent wind and rain reducing effectiveness.

This weedkiller targets the following weeds: grasses, couch grass, docks, thistles, nettles, dandelions, bindweed and more.

Available in a 1 litre spray bottle that covers up to 37sq.m, or a 3 litre spray bottle that covers up to 111sq.m.


  • Sizes: 1 litre or 3 litres
  • Non-drip handle
  • Protect pets and children before applying
  • Contains Glyphosate
  • Suitable for outside use only

Additional info

  • Take extreme care to avoid spraying on grass, lawns and hedging due to very harmful ingredients
  • Ensure the target area is dry completely before allowing children and pets to return

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