Westland Orchid Potting Mix (8 litres)

Use Seramis technology to unlock nutrient and water availability for healthier Orchids with Westland’s Orchid Potting Mix.


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Westland Orchid Potting Mix provides a great start for the potting-on of Orchids.

Enriched with Seramis to enhance water retention. This mix also includes pine bark to support airflow and drainage. This enables the roots to absorb necessary moisture and nutrients, whilst allowing oxygen to flow freely around the roots.

To use, simply fill a clear pot to one third and ensure an even spread around the roots. A support or stick may be needed to hold the Orchid upright. If you are displaying your orchid in a pot, always choose one that is slightly larger than your orchid pot to support better airflow around the roots.

Place your orchid somewhere warm, but not in direct sunlight and water once per week with Westland Orchid Water or Westland Orchid Mist to encourage the healthy growth and development of your Orchid.


  • Size: 8 litres
  • Specialist orchid blend for healthy growth
  • Enriched with Seramis clay granules to aid water retention
  • Contains pine bark to support airflow & drainage
  • Not suitable for lime hating (Ericaceous) plants
  • Store in a cool, dry place

Gardening tips

  • Wear gloves & wash hands after use
  • Best used in Spring & Summer
  • Use a clear pot to maximise light to orchid roots (display in a larger decorative pot to aid airflow)
  • Use in a well ventilated place & avoid breathing in dust
  • Re-seal bag after use & store in a cool dry place (away from weed killers)
  • Remember to position orchids in a warm environment away from direct sunlight
  • Dead-head flowers and snip back to roots once all flowers have gone
  • Water & feed orchids regularly (reduce in Winter)

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