Westland Liquid Droplet Feeders For Orchids (40ml)

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A convenient, ready to use feed which provides orchids with nutrition for up to 4 weeks.

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The Westland Orchid Droplet Feeder contains an all round formula designed to enrich Orchids with essential nutrients and keeps them flowering for longer.

This 40 ml droplet feeder feeds plants for up to 4 weeks, keeps leaves healthy and moist and increases flowering time.

For best results, use the Westland Orchid Droplet Feeder when the plant is placed in a suitable position. They prefer plenty of light, warm temperatures and require misting once a day.

Simply snip the bottom of the plastic tube and push into the edge of your plant pot – taking care not to damage the Orchid’s root system.


  • This 40ml droplet feeder, Feeds plants for up to 4 weeks
  • For use throughout the Orchid flowering season
  • Suitable for use indoors
  • Encourages Flowering
  • Convenient ready to use feed