Westland Growing Success Whitefly Traps

Take effective control of whiteflies and other flying insects with this pack of 7 Westland Growing Success Whitefly Traps.


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Westland Growing Success Whitefly Traps are the perfect solution for a whitefly or flying insect problem in a greenhouse or conservatory.

This pack of seven traps will control flying insect pests including whitefly, blackfly, greenfly, thrips, and midges. Flying insects are attracted by these vivid yellow traps and become attached to the natural adhesive coating which the whitefly and similar flying insects find impossible to leave.

These traps should ideally be positioned before whitefly pests have had a chance to become established. If the pest population is already established, gently shake the base of each plant to agitate and encourage pests to take flight allowing them to be caught in the traps.

Traps will remain sticky and attractive providing that no more than half the surface is covered by insects or dust. Seven traps should be sufficient for a small to medium greenhouse or conservatory.

How to Use

  • Remove traps from the packaging and carefully separate
  • Hang just above the plants using the ties supplied
  • As plants grow, move traps upwards to maintain a constant gap


  • Contains: 7 yellow traps
  • Controls whitefly, greenfly, blackfly, thrips, midges and other flying insects
  • Pesticide-free
  • Suitable for organic gardening
  • Children and pet friendly
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