Westland Gro-Sure Planting Magic (700g)

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Give your plants the best start in life, with just one handful growing bigger, healthier displays.

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Westland Gro-Sure Planting Magic is a unique 4-in-1 planting mix.

Westland have developed a universal planting mix which will help plants, to grow bigger and healthier.

It contains a unique mix of 6 months nutrients, so it only has to be applied once a season. Water storing pockets cleverly hold their own weight in water to level out any over, or under, watering. Planting magic also contains seaweed, which is a valuable source of nutrients which help to sustain healthy plant growth for visibly better results with minimum time and effort. The easy to use Planting Magic is suitable for gardeners of all levels, as it requires no complicated measuring.

A special blend of Gro-Sure fast release nutrients, for more flowers, fruit and vegetables, and slow release nutrient granules for long term care are also incorporated in this invaluable planting aid, which straddles the line between compost and plant food.

Simply just add one handful once a season to every planting hole or along with the soil/compost used to back fill around the plant and lightly mix in to grow bigger, healthier and stronger plants every time.

It can be used when planting any type of plant, vegetables, trees or shrubs in pots, containers and borders.


  • Encourages speedy establishment
  • Grow bigger, healthier plants
  • This 700g pouch contains 20 handfuls
  • Contains the perfect mix of nutrients, soil conditioners and moisture controlling granules to give plants the best possible start
  • Only has to be applied once a season
  • Water storing pockets control over/under watering

Additional info

  • Planting magic can be safely handled, although we would recommend using gloves if you have particularly sensitive skin, or have had a reaction handling plant foods in the past
  • Wash your hands and reseal the bag after use
  • Always read the label