Westland Gro-Sure Perlite (10 litres)

It helps to create an optimum balance of air and water, making water logging almost impossible.


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Westland Gro-Sure Perlite is an ideal compost additive, as it helps to retain air in the compost which is essential for healthy root development.

Gro-Sure Perlite absorbs and holds vast quantities of air and moisture, which helps prevent compaction. It improves aeration, moisture retention and drainage in potting and seed sowing mixes, which will help to avoid root diseases and assist healthy root growth.

Perlite is a unique volcanic rock which expands to about 13 times its original volume when heated up to 1600°F / 871°C. During the heating process perlite ‘pops’ (similar to popcorn) to form a granular, white, incredibly light material. Each piece of perlite is composed of tiny bubbles, with the surface of the perlite covered in hundreds of tiny cavities. It is this combination of bubbles and cavities which enable perlite to absorb and hold moisture and nutrients whilst retaining air and makes it so useful in gardening.

It is easy to handle, stable and long lasting.

Uses of Perlite include:

When potting up new seedlings – use a mix of 1 part perlite and 1 part peat moss to fill pots and plant your seedlings as normal. Perlite helps to promote healthy root growth due to its aeration and moisture retention abilities – and because it will absorb lots of water and release it back to your plants, it lengthens the time between you needing to water your plants.

When using soil warming cables – a 50/50 mix of perlite and sand is ideal as it will help to prevent overheating. Place a top layer of this mixture in plunge benches or trays to act as a capillary aggregate.

Use in place of sand or gravel in capillary watering systems – use at least 1″ depth of perlite on top of polythene lined trays or benches. Due to perlites large surface area it helps to create the high humidity levels preferred by some plants.

Use for plants which thrive in conditions where the growing media is well draining and doesn’t retain too much water – such as cacti. Perlite is very porous and allows water to drain readily. Simply mix perlite into your normal potting compost when planting up.

Permanently improve the texture of soil – by covering the soil with a 4″ layer of perlite or a mixture of perlite and peat moss (or compost) and then mixing it into the soil. This mixture will improve soil aeration, drainage, moisture and nutrient retentions and as perlite is inorganic and does not degrade it will remain in the soil providing these benefits to your plants for years.


  • Creating an optimum balance of air and water
  • Makes water logging almost impossible
  • Pack size: 10 litres
  • Minimises damage to roots when transplanting
  • Accelerates rooting and reduces the risk of fungal diseases
  • Made from naturally occurring, non-toxic, volcanic rock

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