Westland Deadfast Greenhouse Smoke Fumigator

Kill insect infestations in the greenhouse with this easy-to-use Deadfast Greenhouse Smoke Fumigator.


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The Westland Deadfast Greenhouse Smoke Fumigator targets and kills insects and infestations in the greenhouse.

This greenhouse smoke fumigator is easy to use and targets aphids and red mites specifically. The smoke produced is odour and residue free and as a result can be used without removing plants first.

To use, first ensure the greenhouse is as smoke tight as possible by closing all windows. Then place the Westland Greenhouse Smoke Fumigator centrally and light the fuse. Leave the area immediately afterwards.

Please read and follow product instructions carefully to protect children and pets. Any targeted area should not be revisited for 12 hours after first lighting the fuse.


  • 3.5g tin
  • Odour and residue free
  • For outdoor use only
  • Contains permethrin
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