Deadfast Ant Killer Plus Powder
Westland Deadfast Ant Killer Plus Powder
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Westland Deadfast Ant Killer Plus Powder

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Deadfast Ant Killer Plus Powder is a naturally active, ready-to-use insecticide powder that controls a range of crawling insects.

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Deadfast Ant Killer Plus Powder is an effective insecticide, for amateur use, that kills pests around the home and garden, including lawns.

This naturally derived formula will kill flies (two-winged), mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, wasps, earwigs, silverfish and other bristletails, fleas, bedbugs, dust mites, moths, booklice, aphids, caterpillars and sawflies.

It can be used outdoors on hard, porous or non-porous surfaces and on hard or soft furnishings. Use both indoors, in domestic premises including on pet bedding, and outdoors in sheds, garages, on paths, ants nests, wasp nests and refuse tips.

Apply 10g of product per square metre for flat, hard surfaces and 20g of product per metre in grass. Apply at weekly intervals to nesting and breeding sites, in the mornings or evenings when the ants are in the nest. One application can destroy a nest within three weeks


  • Size: 150g
  • Kills ants and their nests
  • Works on a variety of other insects and pests
  • Naturally active ingredient extracted from chrysanthemum flowers
  • Destroys nests within three weeks.
  • Use both indoors and outdoors