Westland Container & Basket Planting Mix (50 Litres)
Westland Container & Basket Planting Mix (50 Litres)
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Westland Container & Basket Planting Mix (50 Litres)

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Nourish and hydrate plants for longer lasting, vibrant blooms with Westland Container & Basket Planting Mix.

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Westland Container & Basket Planting Mix is specially blended for season long flowering.

This compost mix will help to nourish and hydrate plants to keep them flourishing in pots, containers and hanging baskets.

Specially formulated for container plants, this compost has added water retaining granules to maintain water stores for plants and there’s enough feed for up to six months.

Using Container & Basket Planting Mix will result in longer lasting flowers and more vibrant blooms.

This 50 litre pack will provide enough for: 4 x 12″ (30cm) baskets, 2 x 25 litre containers or 5 x 10 litre containers.

How to use it

  • Choose a container or basket with drainage holes and fill with Container & Basket Planting Mix
  • Place upright plants in the middle and trailing plants around the edge
  • Water thoroughly and tap the pot to shake off any loose compost
  • You can fill in any gaps with compost, firm down and water
  • Remember to dead head regularly to maximise plant energy to produce more blooms


  • 6 months feed for more abundant blooms
  • Helps to reduce plant stress
  • Feeds & hydrates plants when needed
  • Unique water storing granules for easy watering
  • West+ Natural fibres for stronger roots & bigger plants
  • Deeper colour & glossier foliage
  • Supports & maintains water stores with water retaining granules

Additional info

  • Compost mix contains 50% peat