Westland Aftercut Patch Fix

Westland Aftercut Patch Fix is a 2 in 1 solution that treats both worn areas and dog spots with a grass seed, feed & seeding soil blend


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Westland Aftercut Patch Fix is designed to fix patches in your lawn quickly and easily using its unique blend of grass seed, feed and seeding soil.

Patch Fix contains a special ingredient which absorbs the harmful salts and ammonia produced when pet urine breaks down, helping grass to re-establish where it would otherwise fail.

Additionally, Patch Fix also contains pet urine resistant grass seed varieties along with granulated growing media for moisture retention and added organic matter for better root establishment.

Westland Aftercut Patch Fix is available in either a 30 Patch (2.4kg) or 64 Patch (4.8kg) option.

How to use

  • Remove all dead grass, weeds and their roots
  • Lightly rake the soil to prepare the patch, breaking up any hard lumps or compacted soil surface
  • Shake the box to mix up the ingredients
  • Apply Aftercut Patch Fix to the patch to 2mm depth
  • Water with a fine spray to moisten the mixture and activate the seed
  • You can apply slightly less when covering thin grass rather than a bare patch
  • Rate of application: 2.4kg pack will treat over 30 patches of 45cm diameter using approximately 75g per patch

General Advice

  • Children and pets need not be excluded from treated areas
  • Store in a cool, frost-free place away from children, pets and foodstuffs
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