Weber Smoking Blend Wood Chips for barbecue smoking – Seafood (0.7 kg)

Seafood Smoking Blend gives your barbecued fish dishes a subtle fruity smoked flavour.


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EAN: 077924048845 | MPN: 17665

This 0.7 kg bag of Weber Smoking Blend Wood Chips for barbecue smoking – Seafood will enhance barbecued seafood aroma and taste on any type of barbecue.

This blend has a careful balance of hard and fruit woods to bring seafood dishes to life with fruity flavour and mild smoke intensity.

Using these chips will add delicious flavour to any seafood, from salmon and trout to sea bass and king prawns.

Delight guests with exciting new flavours by adding Seafood Smoking Blend to your cooking repertoire, making barbecues even more delicious.

A great way to enhance seafood recipes and this blend can be used with or without a smoker box.

For best results on a gas barbecue, simply soak in a tray with water for up to an hour (minimum half an hour) before cooking and then transfer the soaked blend to a Weber Universal Smoker Box (purchase separately) and place at the back of your barbecue. Then add food to the cooking grate, close the lid and let the barbecue do all the work.


  • Flavoured Blend for BBQ smoking
  • 0.7 kg resealable bag
  • Use with any seafood (salmon, trout, mackerel, sea bass & prawns)
  • Flavour: Fruity
  • Smoke Intensity: Mild
  • For use on most gas, electric and charcoal barbecues
  • responsibly sourced wood from
  • 100% Natural Blend

Additional information

  • Brand: Weber
  • We recommend using a Weber Universal Smoker Box on gas barbecues to hold soaked chips
  • Wood Chunks are better suited to larger Weber Smoker and Summit barbecues
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