Weber Performer Deluxe GBS Charcoal BBQ 57cm

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The Weber Performer Deluxe GBS Barbecue is a superbly easy to use Charcoal Kettle Barbecue with large metal side-table.

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This fully equipped Barbecue will take cooking over charcoal to new levels.

With an easy to use one-touch gas ignition system, you don’t have to worry about messy lighter fluid or firelighters to get your barbecue started.


Gourmet BBQ System stainless steel hinged cooking grate

The stainless steel cooking grate is supplied as standard with the Performer BBQ. This high-quality, long-lasting grate features a removable 30cm round centre, which allows you to use other items from the Weber GBS system (sold separately) such as a Pizza Stone, Dutch Oven or Griddle Plate to widen your cooking repertoire.

Heavy-gauge steel charcoal grate

The heavy duty charcoal grate, supplied with the performer deluxe BBQ, is long lasting and will provide you with years of barbecuing.

Electronic Touch-N-Go gas ignition system

This inspired ignition system makes lighting your charcoal barbecue easy. You simply put your charcoal  in the briquette holders supplied or a fire starter chimney and place them over the ignition burner in the centre of the barbecue. Press the ignition button and leave the gas burner running for approx 5 minutes. At this point switch the ignition burner off and use your charcoal as normal.

Porcelain-enamelled bowl and lid

As with all Weber kettle barbecues, the 57cm bowl and lid are fully porcelain-enamelled to protect against heat damage as well as against rust and the weather. So confident are Weber in their finish that they offer a full 10-year warranty on these parts.

Built-in lid thermometer

In order to make the most of indirect cooking methods, where you cook much like a conventional oven, it’s important to maintain the correct temperature in your barbecue. In order to do this you need to minimise how often you open the lid. The built in lid thermometer means that you can confidently see the temperature inside your barbecue without having to constantly lift the lid to check on your food.

Removable, back-lit LCD cooking timer

To make cooking even easier and to ensure your food is served at the perfect level of doneness, Weber have also added an LCD timer to the Performer Deluxe BBQ. So when you’ve checked the temperature and put in a joint or rack of beef, simply close the lid and let the barbecue do the work while you entertain your guests.

Painted metal work table

Plenty of extra workspace is available for prepping or serving your food with the built in metal side table.

Open cart design

An open cart design means you can easily get to all parts of the barbecue and, with a bottom wire rack, you also have plenty of storage space underneath that is easy to access.

Heavy-duty steel cart frame

A heavy-duty frame keeps the Performer Deluxe BBQ solidly in place and provides a long life span.

Lid handle with heat shield

There’s nothing worse than trying to pick up your barbecue lid when the handle is red hot. The heat shield and cool-touch handle on the performer barbecue makes it easy to use.

Tuck-Away lid holder

Once you’ve lifted the lid, you don’t want to be juggling tools, food and the lid, so the performer comes complete with a lid-holder that tucks away when not needed. With the lid in the holder, this also functions as a handy windbreak.

Stainless steel One-Touch cleaning system

Once you’ve finished barbecuing, you’ll want clean down to be as easy as possible and with the stainless steel one touch cleaning system fitted to the Weber Performer Deluxe, things couldn’t get much better.

You simply slide the lever protruding from the base and three angled blades sweep the ash into a removable, high capacity ash catcher below. This can then be easily transported to dispose of the old ash.

Weather-protected CharBin storage container

Keep your charcoal to hand without fear of it getting wet with the built-in charcoal storage container under the side table.

Useful extras supplied with the Performer Deluxe Barbecue

In order to make your life just a little easier, this barbecue is supplied with a handy briquette measuring cup that allows you to load up with just the right amount of charcoal.

There are also two char-basket briquette holders that aid with lighting, but are also perfect for controlling the heat in your barbecue. Position directly under your food for direct (traditional) barbecuing or to the sides away from your food with the lid on for indirect cooking.


Fuel Type


Cooking Grate

Stainless Steel Gourmet BBQ System Grate

Grill Dimensions

57cm diameter


H125 x W128 x D74cm

Ignition Type

Electronic touch-n-go gas ignition system


Built into lid

Assembly Required



10 year limited