Weber Lighter Cubes (22 pcs)

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Light your barbecue quickly with these no mess Lighter Cubes.

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Weber Lighter Cubes will help you to light your charcoal barbecue quickly and with no mess.

This pack includes 22 wrapped flammable firelighters, meaning there’s enough for at least eleven barbecues (if using a minimum of two cubes at a time). Smaller barbecues may require one cube, whilst some of the larger Weber barbecues require up to three, particularly if using a Weber Chimney Starter.

These versatile lighter cubes are effective to help start any brand of barbecue, but work brilliantly with Weber products.

They are fast to light, ash-free and environmentally safe to use as a charcoal ignition.

You’ll love the fact that they light well even on windy or wet days.


  • 22 pieces per pack
  • Easy to use fire lighter cubes
  • No mess
  • Light quickly
  • Suitable for use on all charcoal and briquette fuel barbecues

Additional information

  • Brand: Weber
  • Not for use on gas or electric barbecues

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BBQ Fuel & Lighting