Weber Hickory Wood Chunks (1.5kg)

Weber Hickory Wood Chunks for a spicy rich smoke on your Barbecue.


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EAN: 077924039461 | MPN: 17619

Use Weber Hickory Wood Chunks add deep rich hickory flavouring to food when barbecue smoking.

These chunks will deliver a delicious aroma to meats in your Weber whilst cooking.

They are perfect for a combination of meat cuts such as pulled brisket or game and can be used for the smoking of beef, venison and pork.

This 1.5kg bag is resealable, so you can store it ready for you to enjoy with your next barbecue.

By using Weber flavoured wood chunks, you’ll be able to enhance depth of flavour, making barbecuing even more delicious.


  • 1.5kg Re-sealable bag
  • 100% Natural Wood Chunks
  • Flavour: Hickory (Sweet & Spicy)
  • Smoke Intensity: Strong
  • Ideal for smoking: Beef, venison & pork
  • Suitable for outdoor use

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  • Brand: Weber
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