Weber Drip Pans (10 Pack)

Pack of 10 Weber Drip Pans for SmokeFire, Summit and Genesis II barbecues.


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This ten pack of Weber Drip Pans can be used with Weber SmokeFire, Summit and Genesis II barbecues.

These drip pans will help you to collect and gather fats and liquids, so you can dispose of them safely. This will also help to prevent build ups of fats, flare-ups and prolong the efficiency of your grill or barbecue. Easy to use, just simply place them in the grease tray so that they can act as a liner.

Designed to be used with the SmokeFire EX4/EX6 wood fired pellet grills series, Summit 400/600 series, Summit Gold 6-burner, Summit Platinum 6-burner & Genesis II 400/600 gas barbecues.

Or why not use them to bake a lasagne or chocolate brownies, these versatile trays will make everything easier.


  • 10 x Aluminium Drip Pans
  • For SmokeFire, Summit Gas & Genesis II
  • High quality aluminium trays
  • Suitable for outdoor use


  • H 6.35cm x W 12.7cm x D 28.19cm

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  • Brand: Weber
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