Vitax Sequestered Iron Plant Tonic Sachets (4 x 20g)

If your plants are suffering from iron deficiency and have poor vigour and yellowing leaves this plant tonic from Vitax will get them going again.


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Vitax Sequestered Iron Plant Tonic will correct iron, magnesium and manganese deficiency.

If your plants, particularly those that are lime hating such as Rhododendrons and Heathers, have pale yellowing leaves, poor growth and flowering, they’re likely to be suffering from iron deficiency.

Vitax Sequestered Iron Plant Tonic will quickly improve leaf colour and the vigour of all flowering plants.

It should be applied evenly to the soil in early spring – one application will last for the whole season.

To ensure you use the correct amount this plant tonic comes in a handy sachet.

Full instructions for use and recommended dosage for different types of plant can be found on the back of the pack.


  • Corrects iron, magnesium & manganese deficiencies
  • Pack includes: 4 x 20g sachets
  • Helps lime hating plants such as Rhododendrons and Heathers to prevent yellowing leaves, poor growth & poor flowering
  • Improve leaf colour & vigour of all flowering plants
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