Vitax Q4 Rootmore Mycorrhizal Fungi Pouch (250g)

EAN: 5012351050998 | MPN: 6QFR250


A handy pack of Rootmore Mycorrhizal Fungi to promote strong root growth and development for healthier plants.

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Vitax Q4 Rootmore Mycorrhizal Fungi Pouch helps to establish and encourage plant root growth.

Q4 Rootmore contains a blend of mycorrhizal fungi, seaweed, humates, beneficial bacteria and bio-stimulants, helping plants to absorb moisture and nutrients, resulting in strong root development and vibrant plants.

Unlike multi-purpose fertilisers, Q4 Rootmore helps to create a healthy bioactive root zone leading to vigorous and robust plant growth with minimal requirement for additional fertiliser.

Ideal for planting out or transferring plants to new pots, simply add to the bottom of the planting pit so that roots are in close contact. Perfect for use with roses, trees, shrubs & edible plants.


  • For roses, trees, shrubs & edible plants
  • Pouch size: 250g
  • Improves disease resistance and enhances stress resistance
  • Beneficial organisms & bio-stimulants for vigorous root growth
  • Improves plant nutrition
  • Reduces the need for additional fertiliser
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Easy to use pouch, that is resealable

Gardening Tips

  • Always read the label & instructions before use
  • Stored in a cool dry place
  • Q4 Rootmore is non-hazardous and safe to use around children and animals