Vitax Q4 Premium Vegetable Feed (1 litre)

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Uniquely created feed for vital vegetables and heavenly herbs.

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Vitax Q4 Premium Vegetable Feed (1 litre) is a unique and high quality liquid fertiliser for vegetables and herbs. It can be diluted to suit your needs.

This feed will provide you with healthy crops of tasty vegetables and herbs, packed with vitamins.

This formula contains organic nutrients, seaweed, humates and a raised level of potash to promote buds and flowers.

The addition of trace elements, provides peace of mind, knowing your plants will receive all the nutrients required for healthy growth.

Simply dilute and apply to moistened soil at the base of plants or use as a foliar spray.


  • 1 litre resealable bottle of liquid fertiliser concentrate
  • Feed for vegetables & herbs
  • Organic nutrients for longer lasting feeding
  • Contains seaweed to stimulate growth & prevent plant stress
  • Humates for healthier roots & improved uptake
  • Compound Fluid Fertiliser 3 3 6 with TE
  • Suitable for outdoor use

Additional info

  • Always read the label & instructions before use
  • Store in a cool dry place (0°C to 30°C)
  • Keep out of the reach of children & animals
  • If using as a foliar, do not spray directly onto flowers