Vitax Hydrangea Feed (1kg)

For vibrant flowers and strong healthy growth of Hydrangeas.


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This 1kg pouch of Vitax Hydrangea Feed is specifically formulated to meet the needs of Hydrangeas promoting healthy growth and abundant flowering.

This is a granular feed with added magnesium and iron to boost flowering in these delightful shrubs.

For best results, Vitax Hydrangea Feed should be applied to the soil during planting and then as a topdressing in spring. Work the feed into the soil with a rake or hoe as appropriate and in dry weather water in well for maximum effect.

This feed is perfect for the needs of all Hydrangeas but won’t provide blue flowers. For this you’ll need Vitax Hydrangea Colourant.


  • 1kg pouch of fertiliser for hydrangeas
  • More flowers & brighter blooms
  • A single handful feeds plants for weeks
  • Suitable for outdoor use

Fertilser analysis

  • NPK: 10-7.5-10.2 with 3% magnesium oxide & 1% iron

Additional info

  • Always read the label & instructions before use
  • Stored in a cool dry place
  • Keep out of the reach of children & animals
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