Tom Chambers Mealworm Suet Treat

Add this Tom Chambers Berry Mealworm Treat to a Suet Treat feeder or a bird table to attract wild birds.


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EAN: 5022506013037 | MPN: BFB057

This 280g Tom Chambers Mealworm Suet Treat is a energy boosting mix of suet, cereals and mealworms.

Ideal for attracting wild bird species to the garden, including Tits, Robins and Finches.

This high energy wild bird food contains a nutritious bird feed to suit most wild birds.

For best results, feed from a Suet Treat Feeder like the Tom Chambers Heavy Duty Suet Treat Feeder or a bird table.


  • 1 x 280g Suet Treat
  • A tasty treat for discerning birds
  • Attract Robins, Tits, Finches & more
  • High energy bird food
  • Nutritious mix of suet, cereals & dried mealworm
  • Suitable for use any time of year (loved by birds in winter & spring)


  • Clean bird feeders regularly to prevent germs spreading
  • Provide fresh water with bird feed to encourage return visits
  • Locate a feeder at least 2 metres away from garden cover to provide wild birds with space to retreat away from predators when needed
  • Manufactured where nuts are present
  • Contains Wheat flour, Beef fat, Seeds, Peanut flour, Dried mealworm
  • Not fit for human consumption
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