Tom Chambers Pewter Flick ‘N’ Click Mealworm Feeder

EAN: 5022506029342 | MPN: CS108


Attract a number of different garden birds with this Tom Chambers Pewter Flick ‘N’ Click Mealworm Feeder.

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Use the Tom Chambers Pewter Flick ‘N’ Click Mealworm Feeder to feed mealworms to garden birds.

This feeder is ideal for attracting Blue Tits, House Sparrows, Finches, Robins and many more wild bird species.

Easy to fill, simply flick ‘n’ click the magnetised lid. The lid will also stay firmly shut to protect the mealworms in the feeder and keep them dry. Plus, with the see-through mealworm holder, you’ll be able to see at a glance when the feeder needs topping up.

This feeder is made from robust metal and has a striking pewter finish. It comes with a universal hanger hook, for use on a bird dining station, a bracket or a tree branch.

Remember to keep feeders clean and fill regularly to enjoy frequent visits from wild birds.


  • Attracts wild birds: Tits, Finches, Robins, Sparrows & more
  • Strong & robust metal finished in pewter
  • Holds Mealworms (not included)
  • Perfect for a variety of different Mealworms
  • Flick ‘N’ Click sturdy magnetic sealing clasp for easy filling
  • Universal hanger hook for feeding stations, brackets or tree branches
  • Easily removable base for cleaning
  • Suitable for year round use


  • Clean regularly to prevent germs spreading
  • Provide a regular food & water source for wild birds to encourage return visits
  • Locate the Feeder at least 2 metres away from garden cover to provide wild birds with space to retreat away from predators when needed