Tom Chambers Ladybird and Insect Tower

Provide ladybirds & garden friendly insects with a safe place to hibernate with this lovely natural birch Tower (larger than the Lodge).


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The elegant and natural looking Tom Chambers ladybird and insect tower provides a warm and dry home for nesting ladybirds and insects.

Made from a responsibly sourced birch log, the tower comes with a contrasting grey pitched roof.

Inside the tower are pre-drilled cavities for ladybirds and insects to burrow into. These holes are perfect for hibernating insects which are ideal for supporting them through harsh winter months.

Ladybirds are the perfect companion for gardeners, because they eat a large number of pests like greenfly, mealy bugs and small caterpillars that can attack plants.

Introduce this eye-catching addition to the garden and choose a warm, sheltered spot away from prevailing winds and near to flowers and plants.


  • Elegant & natural birch log home for ladybirds & insects
  • Made from responsibly sourced timber
  • Contrasting soft grey pitched roof protects the tower
  • Cavity holes provide ladybirds & insects with space to hibernate
  • Helps to attract & house ladybirds and garden friendly insects that naturally target pests
  • Suitable for a warm, sheltered spot away from prevailing winds, near to flowers & plants
  • Includes a hanging loop
  • The Tower is approximately 28cm tall
  • Part of the Nature’s Garden collection by Tom Chambers
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