Tom Chambers Classic Seed Blend

A nutritious seeded bird food mix for everyday feeding, use the Classic Seed Blend from Tom Chambers to feed wild birds in your garden all year round.


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The Tom Chambers Classic Seed Blend is a great wild bird feed for adding to your bird feeders in your garden.

Not only bringing the birds to your feeder and garden, but this blend could also make a difference all year round, especially during winter months when found food is in short supply.

The seeded feed could make a difference to endangered species which can be especially true during the winter months when found food is in short supply.


  • Packed with nutrition & high energy ingredients for wild birds like members of the Tit family
  • 3 pack size choices: 1kg bag, 2.5kg bag, 3.75kg bag
  • Use as a complementary feed to help garden birds stay healthy all year round
  • Suitable for use in a bird feeder, scatter on a bird table or place carefully in a ground feeder


  • Wheat, Black Sunflower, Maize Grits, Whole Oats, Red Millet, Red Darl, Vegetable Oil


  • Not fit for human consumption
  • Keep away from babies and children
  • This product is packed where nuts are present
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