Thompson & Morgan Tomato Gardeners Delight

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Easy to grow customers’ favourite with the true tangy flavour of yesteryear. The bite-sized fruits are undeniably sweet and ideal for salads, sandwiches and lunch boxes, packed full of essential vitamins. Suitable for greenhouse or outdoor growing.

How to sow

Sow indoors in a seed tray or pots for later transplanting. Fill a seed tray or pots with good, free-draining, damp seed compost. Sow February to April for growing on in a greenhouse, April to early May for transplanting outdoors. Sow on the surface of the compost and cover with a fine sprinkling of compost or vermiculite. Place in a propagator at a constant temperature of around 18-20C (64-68F) until after germination, which takes 7-14 days.

How to grow

Transplant seedlings when large enough to handle into 7.5cm (3in) pots. Transplant into pots or grow bags in the greenhouse end of May. For outdoors, acclimatise plants to outdoor conditions for 7-10 days, planting out from early June when they are about 20cm (8in) tall, 45cm (18in) apart in a sheltered position in full sun. Remove sideshoots regularly and support with stout canes.

Additional information

  • Harvesting period: June, July, August, September, October
  • Pack contents (approx.): 25 seeds